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The best and most popular SkyWars plugin on the market! Infinite options and everything is configurable.

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Supported Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
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vBETA 5.5.1 (3) Changelog

This is a beta version, backup everything, we are not responsible for data loss.

Small update to fix the import command when using the extension. The current beta version of the extension (1.7.3 BETA 1) is/should be compatible with this version.

Everything about this plugin

Main features

  • Scoreboards
    • 5 different scoreboard types for different game statuses.
    • Supports (MVdW)PlaceholderAPI
    • 20 custom placeholders
    • 32 characters on 1.8-1.12, 128 on 1.13+
  • BungeeCord support
    • Lobby server with join signs & menu
    • Game servers (auto arena join when joining the server)
    • Returned to lobby server after game ends
  • Solo games
  • Team games
    • Waiting lobby for team games
    • Team selector
    • Group cages/single cages
  • Join games through signs
  • Join games through menus
  • Kits
  • Chat system
    • 4 chat formats
    • Lobby, spectate, ingame, and team chat
    • Option to disable custom chat, and use another plugin's chat system
    • Optional externalPrefix option to add a prefix to another plugin's chat system (disabled by default).
  • Game voting
    • Chests (basic, normal, overpowered, empty)
    • Health (5hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp)
    • Time (dawn, noon, dusk, night)
    • Weather (sun, rain, thunder, snow)
    • Modifier (speed, jump, strength, none)
  • Chest loot
    • Configurable chest loot
    • 6 total chest types (3 are votable)
    • Center chests
    • Basic, normal, overpowered, basiccenter, normalcenter, opcenter
  • Spectate games through menus
  • Game options
    • win sounds
    • kill sounds
    • glass (cage)
    • taunts
    • particles
    • projectile trails
  • Lobby spawn
    • teleport to lobby on join/world join
    • teleported to lobby on game leave/end
  • Player statistics
    • wins
    • kills
    • ELO
    • losses
    • games played
    • deaths
  • Game events
    • DisableRegen
    • HealthDecay
    • EnderDragon
    • Wither
    • MobSpawn
    • CrateDrop
    • ChestRefill
    • DeathMatch
    • ArrowRain
    • AnvilRain
  • MySQL support
  • Holographic statistics (Holographic Display)
  • Party system
  • Tab Complete for Skywars commands (if permission)
  • Command to customize chest loot in-game
  • Command to create and manage arenas
  • Command to create kits
  • Arena display names
  • Lobby scoreboard + In-game scoreboards
  • Messages are 100% configurable
  • Everything is configurable in the Skywars folder

Extra features

  • Added tab complete for commands.
  • Added team chats. Use a ! in front of the message to talk globally.
  • Added join and leave messages on game join.
  • Added a new scoreboard system for less lag, more efficiency, and PAPI support.
  • Added a waiting lobby to team games!
  • Added the ability to enable separate cages for team games.
  • Added a team selector for team games.
  • Added an option to disable the join-waiting timer being reset every time a new player joins the game (config.yml -> game.resetTimerOnJoin).
  • Added detailed description messages in case an arena failed to register.
  • Added look direction spawn. Players will face to this location when they join the map. Must be enabled in the config.
  • Hooks into the extension to override the actions when clicking the join item in the inventory.
  • Added join menu customization for items. You can now change the lores and display names.
  • Added join menu per-arena icons. Each arena can have its own icon.
  • Added 1.14x, 1.15x, and 1.16x support.
  • Added Developer API Events!
  • Added the sw.signs permission for breaking signs.
  • Added option in config to disable the winning broadcast.
  • Fixed arenas menu being empty.
  • Fixed the PlaceholderAPI expansion error.
  • Fixed holograms giving errors when HolographicDisplays wasn't installed.
  • Fixed spectate skulls being duplicated.
  • Quick Death
  • Schematic cages for solo games (requires WorldEdit)
  • Fixed player spawn points being forgotten after setting them.
  • Fixed wall signs being empty bug on 1.13+.