A paste by gaagjescraft

  custom-<cageName>: # replace <cageName> with the name of the schematic file without .schematic
    displayname: '&aMy Schematic Cage' # this is the cage title players will see in the chat and in the menu
    level: 0 # this is the required level to see the cage
    cost: 0 # this is the money cost 
    material: STONE # this is the item that the cage will have in the menu
    datavalue: -1 # this is the data value of the material. IF YOU ARE ON 1.13+ SET THIS TO -1!! Otherwise, just set it to the data byte
    position: 38 # this is the position in the cages menu. Make sure this is identical, otherwise it will override the one with the same position
    page: 1 # this is the page the cage is on. this is usually just 1 unless you need more than one page

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