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Welcome to our platform!

My GCNT is the GaagjesCraft Network Team user platform where you can manage all your GCNT stuff and more!
We offer the ability to create and share pastes with your friends, colleges or just random people. With pastes, you can easily share your problems, errors or whatever you have to share with whoever you like.
Besides that, you can download literally every version of all our plugins that at the plugins page, and also custom ones if you own them!

We never sit still, we are always trying to enhance as much as we can. And so are you!
So join us in our journey.


We, GCNT, love to make plugins. We're good at it. And we are using SpigotMC and MyGCNT to share our MineCraft projects with the world. We got this cool plugins page where you can download all your favorite GCNT plugins like Additions+ and StreakRewards. This plugins portal isn't just being used for 'hosted' plugins, but also custom ones. If you have a custom plugin from us, you will be able to download it here as well. So what are you waiting for?


Obviously, we all know the site Pastebin. Their paste system is good, but ours is better. We made a custom pasting system that allows you to share all kinds of text types with the world. To make it even better, we are even coloring your paste based on what type of text it is (java, html etc.). You don't even need a MyGCNT account. Though, if you have one, make sure you are logged in so you can edit your pastes on the way, and find them back in your paste list.